AutoPool motto:
`If we succeed, roads will look like this again...`

Dear Hex Eindhoven 2017,

HEX TEAM 5 has send you this AutoPool request. We hope you will join the automatic carpool matcher for this event and that you fill out your departure address in the form below. This will safe fuel and give you some company during your travel. Don't worry, your personal data is safe on our servers and will only be shared with other Hex Eindhoven 2017 guests.

the AutoPool team.

Participants already carpooling

Arne Kaas Arne Kaas

I'm Driving to Arnhem.

Minou Schillings Minou Schillings

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Hex Eindhoven 2017 Hex Eindhoven 2017

I'm Hitch-hiking to Rijkevoort.

Hex Eindhoven 2017 Hex Eindhoven 2017

I'm Hitch-hiking to Nijmegen.

Myrte van Dongen Myrte van Dongen

I'm Hitch-hiking to .

Henry Tran Henry Tran

I'm Hitch-hiking to Amsterdam.

Damla Damla

I'm Driving to Eindhoven.

Sijmen Huizenga Sijmen Huizenga

I'm Hitch-hiking to Arnhem.

Sylven Claessen Sylven Claessen

I'm Hitch-hiking to Tegelen.

Saoirsu00e9 Freeney Saoirsu00e9 Freeney

I'm Hitch-hiking to Utrecht.

Daniel Nowak Janssen Daniel Nowak Janssen

I'm Hitch-hiking to Horn.

Steffie Koop Steffie Koop

I'm Hitch-hiking to Boxtel.

Didi Didi

I'm Hitch-hiking to Maastricht.

Bert van Gestel Bert van Gestel

Going to Antwerpen.

Gustavo Leal Gustavo Leal

Going to Bunschoten-Spakenburg.

Ronald van den Broek Ronald van den Broek

I'm Hitch-hiking to .

Mathijs Frenken Mathijs Frenken

I'm Hitch-hiking to Weert.

Ruben Merkelbach Ruben Merkelbach

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Len Van der Wal Len Van der Wal

I'm Hitch-hiking to Rijswijk.

Marcos Placona Marcos Placona

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Jasper Verwaal Jasper Verwaal

I'm Driving to Den Haag.

Stijn Hoste Stijn Hoste

I'm Driving to .

Jelle van den Wijngaard Jelle van den Wijngaard

I'm Hitch-hiking to Enschede.

Dion Honings Dion Honings

I'm Driving to Eindhoven.

Aron van Harten Aron van Harten

I'm Hitch-hiking to Enschede.

Dimitris Koimtzoglou Dimitris Koimtzoglou

Going to .

Joris van Rijn Joris van Rijn

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Glenn Bergmans Glenn Bergmans

I'm Hitch-hiking to .

Glenn Bergmans Glenn Bergmans

Going to .

jeroen cardinaal jeroen cardinaal

I'm Hitch-hiking to Leende.

nienke van de wiel nienke van de wiel

I'm Hitch-hiking to Nuenen.

nienke van de wiel nienke van de wiel

I'm Hitch-hiking to Nuenen.

Jolanda de Jong Jolanda de Jong

I'm Hitch-hiking to Amsterdam.

Yannick Forget Yannick Forget

I'm Hitch-hiking to Zuidwolde.

Marvin Tiemessen Marvin Tiemessen

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Lindy Lindy

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Eric van Esch Eric van Esch

I'm Hitch-hiking to Herpen.

Gregor Engelmann Gregor Engelmann

I'm Hitch-hiking to Nottingham.

Rico Hageman Rico Hageman

I'm Hitch-hiking to Delft.

Jamy Mahabier Jamy Mahabier

I'm Hitch-hiking to .

Sjaak Sjaak

I'm Hitch-hiking to Amsterdam.

Sophie Aln Sophie Aln

I'm Driving to Leuven.

Jean-Paul Close Jean-Paul Close

I'm Hitch-hiking to Eindhoven.

Loes Loes

I'm Driving to Veldhoven.

Rob van Olst Rob van Olst

Going to Duiven.

JimmiXzSq JimmiXzSq

I'm Hitch-hiking to .

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does AutoPool work?

AutoPool asks from where your journey will depart and will try to match your trip with someone else's, in this way carpooling becomes really really easy.

Someone creates an event
and invites all guests by adding in the cc of the
official invitation.
AutoPool emails/sms's all invited to an event
and requests everyone to share their
departure address
and preferences.
AutoPool Matchlogo
AutoPool Matches travellers
that can easily carpool and
sends them a personalized intenary
via email.
Guests confirm or
update their
departure address

Why use AutoPool?

To save fuel, money and have some company on your travel. For companies it will save parking places and give a green image. It will stimulate interaction between employees, because they will meet each other more ofter during commuting.

Who made AutoPool?

HEX eindhoven - TEAM 5

Create your own AutoPool

We're still running in beta testing phase, so using AutoPool comes with some support. Please drop us an email at if you are interested to use it. Basically it currently comes down to this process:

  1. Send us a csv contacts export of the people that should join or add in the cc of your invitation.
  2. Confirm your event participants online.
  3. Invite your participants by email.
  4. Carpoul matching starts automatically.
  5. AutoPool sends matches via email +/- 24 hours before the event starts.


Maybe someone has uploaded your info to our system. We can imagine you would not like your personal info on the internet. Please let us know by entering your email below and we delete your info and will never use your email again.